Artist meeting – Let’s share inspiring feedback with each other about our artistic work

There are speech bubbles floating in the air, hold up by arms and hands. Some bubbles are ampty, some have structure or a pattern inside them. The illustation has been made with black ink and marker pen, and pink watercolour.
Illustration by Hanna Väätäinen

Time: 26.4.2023 at 18.00-20.00
Venue: Online meeting on Zoom platform

The meeting lasts for two hours. It is important that you can participate in the whole meeting.
Hello there, disabled artists or artists who are Sign Language users! Would you like to have encouraging feedback about your own work? For example, would you like to hear first impressions about your new song, poem or picture? Or would you like to get new points of view to that tricky part of your grant application or the introduction text of your work?

Welcome to share inspiring feedback with other artists in a safe peer group!

At first we will explore how we can give and receive constructive, empowering feedback. Then every participant gets feedback about their own work from other participants. The guide of this journey is facilitator Riikka Hänninen who is specialized in co-operative learning.

The languages of the meeting are Finnish and Finnish Sign Language. You can also use English and Swedish. The meeting will be interpreted in the Finnish Sign Language. The Zoom link will be shared with the participants later.

Join us bravely! Incomplete and imperfect ideas are warmly welcome to get amplified!
Sign up at the latest 19.4.2023 using this form:

Registration form to the artist meeting (you will go to Google Forms)

If you have challenges with the form, write directly to Riikka Hänninen to address:

A warm welcome!
The whole team of the project Making space for artistry

More information:

Project coordinator Riikka Hänninen
tel. 050 3080 232

Artist meeting – Let’s share inspiring feedback with each other about our artistic work
Kuvitus: Hanna Väätäinen
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