Contact details

Maija has blond hair, glasses, read lipstick and she stis in an electric wheelchair.Maija Karhunen

Project leader
tel. 040 166 2827 (country code +358)



Riikka sings in a blue room, arms open.Riikka Hänninen

Project coordinator, Kulttuuriyhdistys Suomen EUCREA ry
tel. 050 3080 232

Photo by: Henriikka Seppälä


Outi has long light brown hair, black pullover and she is sitting on the floor, leaning to the wall.Outi Salonlahti

Senior Specialist, Accessibility and Communications
Mobile 040 963 9908 (Country code +358)



Sari sits leaning to a wall with her assistant dog Lenni.Sari Salovaara

Leading Senior Specialist
Mobile 040 931 3958 (Country code +358)



Amanda Hakoköngäs

Curator, Aine Art Museum
040 614 7244 (Country code +358)

Photo by Jari Hannuniemi/Aine Art Museum