Kari Toiviainen

Kari Toiviainen: From the front door to the heart

A photograph with multiple images superimposed, e.g. cityscape in evening or morning twilight, walking person, underpass.
Photo: Kari Toiviainen

24.11.–10.12.2022 Haparanda Library

In the works of artist Kari Toiviainen, the twin cities of Tornio and Haaparanta and their inhabitants play the main roles. Toiviainen has recorded the moods, sounds, landscapes, thoughts, feelings and memories of the two cities and their residents.

We don’t just live in the present.
The past with all its memories, incidents and experiences lives in us,
and it can often happen that the past is stronger than the present.

During the fall of 2022, Kari Toiviainen, a media artist from Jyväskylä, visited the Haaparanta-Tornio area several times, met local people, filmed encounters and captured images of objects that have meaning to the people he filmed. The exhibition consists of moving images and soundscapes.

Toiviainen has 20 years of experience at the intersection of moving image, theater work and media and marketing: manuscripting and directing of 200 TV episodes, teaching theater, stage work, giving trainings in content creation and performance, and workshops, among other things. From the front door to the heart is Toiviainen’s first solo exhibition.


The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday 20th October at 14 (Finnish time). Warm welcome!

Haparanda Library

Free entry to the exhibition. The space is accessible, there is a lift to the exhibition space.
Address: Packhusgatan 4, 953 31 Haparanda.

The exhibition is open (Finnish time):

Monday 13–20

Tuesday 13–20

Wednesday 13–20

Thursday 11–17

Friday 11–17

Saturday 11–15

The exhibition is open (Swedish time):

Monday 12–19

Tuesday 12–19

Wednesday 12–19

Thursday 10–16

Friday 10–16

Saturday 10–14


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