Nikolai Klix in memoriam

We have received sad news: our long-term and important collaborator Nikolai Klix has passed away.

Nikolai Klix was a member of the steering group of our Making space for artistry -project and also a member of the Nordic Network of Norm Critical Leadership. He has participated as a speaker in several of our seminars and panel discussions over the years. He has also written articles and blog texts for us and has been active in our partner organizations Kynnys ry/The Threshold Association and The Cultural Association Finland’s EUCREA.

Nikolai was a versatile activist and researcher who had extensive networks and was always on his way somewhere to participate in some event or discussion. He was an experienced, outspoken, critical and gentle person with a warm sense of humor. The art and culture field will miss Nikolai’s expertise and know-how.

Nikke, you were a visionary and uncompromising defender of equity and rights of disabled people. You were an important conversationist and thinker for us, as well as an important friend. We will miss you!

Our deepest condolences to Nikolai’s family, friends and everyone close to him.

Nikolai was working on his philosophy dissertation, which would have dealt with the concept of diversity. An essay related to the thesis theme “Disability is part of the spectrum of diversity” has been published on the website of the Making space for artistry -project (in Finnish).
Nikolai’s blog texts from 2012 are available on the website of Culture for All (in Finnish).

Culture for All / The Association for Culture on Equal Terms, the employees and the board
Making space for artistry -project, the employees


Nikolai, Maija and Outi are sitting in the corner of a room around a table. Nikolai is looking towards the camera, Outi and Maija are looking at Nikolai. All three persons are also reflected in a mirror.
The party of Making space for Artistry project and X Dance Festival at caisa on 2.6.2023. In the photo: Outi Salonlahti and Maija Karhunen (Making space for artistry & Culture for All Service) with Nikolai. Photo: Sari Salovaara.


Rita ja Nikolai are discussing in industrial environment.
Rita Paqvalén (Culture for all) and Nikolai at Cross over Festival 2012.


The members of the network are walking or wheeling towards the camera on the street.
Nordic Network of Norm Critical Leadership -verkoston tapaaminen syyskuussa 2022, kuva: Rita Paqvalén.
Nikolai Klix in memoriam
Kuva: Jaakko Lavonius
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