Privacy statement

This is the privacy statement of the Making Space for Artistry project. Culture for All Service/Association For Culture on Equal Terms in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The privacy statement explains which personal data is collected on people participating in our project as well as using our website, and for what purposes the personal data is used. 

The statement is in force starting 30th of June 2022. 

1. Controller

Culture for All service/Association For Culture on Equal Terms 

Business ID: 2549710-5 

Address: Tallberginkatu 1 / 48, 00180 Helsinki 

2. Contact person and person responsible for register matters

Maija Karhunen 

Mobile 040 166 2827 (Country code +358) 

You can ask the contact person for more information on this report or the use of your personal data. 

Rita Paqvalén, the Executive Director of Culture for All Service, is responsible for the register. 

3. For what purposes is the register used?

The use of your personal data is based on your being a participant in our project, our partner, or our customer. It may also be based on an agreement we have made with you. In addition, you may give us your consent to access your information. We can also use your information due to the fact that we need it for work purposes or to communicate on a website. 

We will use your personal data if you have personally for example registered for our events. In addition, we will use your information if you are a partner or have otherwise indicated that you would like to receive information on our project. 

Your information is used to send invitations and press releases, provide information on the project and provide professional contacts and services. Your data can also be processed for conducting surveys. 

Your data will not be used for automated decision-making or profiling. 

4. What kind of information does the register contain?

Our register contains your contact information: At least your name and email address. 

If necessary, we may also collect the following information: 

  • Organisation represented by the person 
  • Title 
  • Field 
  • Street address 
  • Postal code, city and country 
  • Phone number 
  • URL 
  • Language of communication 
  • Artistic field represented by the person 
  • Information on invoices sent by the association to the person 
  • Questionnaire or study responses given by the person in their own name or on behalf of their organisation 
  • Prohibitions, restrictions, consent and other choices 
  • Time and log data of data storage 
  • Information on the services ordered and changes to them 
  • Special diet (e.g. event registrations) 
  • Photos 
  • CV (recruitment only) 
  • Tax card (staff and fee recipients only) 
  • Personal identity code (personnel, fee and grant recipients only) 
  • Other information related to the customer or collaboration relationship and the services ordered as well as any other information necessary for the site or our service. 

5. Where do we collect the information?

The information stored in the register is mainly obtained from you, for example, from messages sent using forms linked to the website, e-mail, telephone, contracts, feedback form, other information forms, personal meetings and other situations in which you discloses your information to us. 

If necessary, we will also collect contact information from public lists or websites for actors in the cultural sector, the media or public administration that is needed for contact and communication activities. Some public information (e.g. a Business ID), can be retrieved from the Internet, such as for invoicing. 

6. How do we protect your personal data

Personal data is collected in databases and on our server. Some information is stored in a paper archive. Databases, papers, files and their backups are kept in locked spaces and protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The data is located in Finland.

Data may only be accessed by employees of the Culture for All Service, Kulttuuriyhdistys Suomen EUCREA and Aine Art Museum whose work requires the processing of data. Data can also be accessed by persons to whom the Culture for All Service, Kulttuuriyhdistys Suomen EUCREA and Aine Art Museum outsources, for example, bookkeeping and service maintenance. All of these persons are obligated to keep this data confidential. Consequently, no data should be disclosed to anyone. 

Example: Only the contact person for the fee payment, the Executive Director or Museum Director and the accountant process personal data related to the fee payment. 


7. How long will your personal data be stored?

We will only keep your information for as long as necessary with regard to: communications; maintaining customer relationships and agreements; maintaining contact and service of the project; the recruitment process; or the payment of fees. In addition, legislation affects the length of time we store the data. 

We will delete your data from the register when we no longer need it. For example, we will delete event participant lists and registration information no later than 3 months after the event. Our employees involved in the recruitment process will delete all applications, CVs and emails related to recruitment no later than one month after the end of the recruitment process. All applications and CVs printed on paper will be destroyed in a data-secure manner.  

You may also request that we delete some or all of your data from one or all of our registers at any time. 

We can only remove your data from the register if we do not have a statutory reason to keep it (e.g. a valid contract, accounting or other purposes for which your data is needed for the time being). For example, our accountants and Executive Director retain personal data related to the payment of fees and salaries for a period of six years. 

8. Cookies

Our website uses cookies so that the website will function properly and can be used. 

Cookies are small packets of data saved in a browser on your computer or mobile device. They are harmless to your device. Cookies are identified in your computer or mobile device when you enter a website and navigate its contents. 

Cookies on our website are also used to collect information on the use of the site as well as to develop it. Cookies are not used to collect your personal information or browsing history. You cannot be identified with cookies only. 

You can control or block cookies with your computer browser or mobile device settings. If you completely block cookies from your preferences, you may not be able to access our website. 

We collect users statistics of the website using Google Analytics, which uses cookies. 

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. Google Analytics tells the Culture for All service how site visitors use the site. We cannot identify or locate a specific user based on the information we receive. 

Google Analytics can use cookies to collect information and report site usage information without identifying individual Google visitors. The most popular cookie used by Google Analytics is the _ ga cookie. 

In addition to being used to report site usage statistics, data on Google’s online assets and ad cookies collected by Google Analytics can also be used to select more relevant ads for Google products (such as Google Search) and elsewhere on the web as well as to measure interaction with ads. 

Learn more on Analytics cookies and privacy ( 

Blocking and clearing cookies

You can block cookies from being used by changing your browser settings. Instructions for different browsers: 

9. Disclosure of information to third parties or transfer outside the EU or EEA

Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties or transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service. Some information is disclosed to operators with whom we have a commissioning agreement. For example, information on fee recipients is provided to our accounting firm. 

The accounting firm of Culture for All Service is currently AAM-Tilitoimisto Oy. Read our accounting firm’s register and privacy statement (in Finnish, 

Personal data may be disclosed if required by an authority or by law. 

10. What rights does the data subject have concerning their personal data?

As a data subject, you have the right to: 

  • inspect any personal data concerning you that is stored in the registers of the project 
  • have any incorrect or incomplete personal data on you rectified 
  • have your personal data erased from the register if the project no longer has any reason to continue using the data 
  • cancel any consent given by you concerning the use of your personal data 
  • refuse the use of your personal data 
  • restrict the use of your personal data 
  • prohibit electronic bulletins and messages by e-mail to 
  • have your data transferred from one system to another 
  • lodge a complaint on the activities of the project with the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

To request your rights, please contact us: 

  • By email: 
  • By post: Culture for All Service, Tallberginkatu 1/48, 00180 Helsinki. 

If necessary, we will request proof of identification. We will respond to you within the time limit provided for in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (generally within one month). 

11. Which country’s legislation applies to the processing of personal data?

The personal data register of the Culture for All service and the processing of the personal data contained in it are subject to Finnish legislation and EU legislation directly applicable in Finland, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 

12. How can we update this privacy statement?

Because we are constantly developing our services and operations, this can also lead to changes in the processing of personal data. If necessary, we will update the privacy statement to reflect such changes. Changes may also be based on amendments to legislation. We recommend that you review the content of our privacy statement regularly. 

We will notify you if we intend to use your personal data for purposes other than those for which your personal data was collected. We will notify you of this and an updated privacy statement in advance. If there are other changes to the privacy statement, we will announce them on our website.