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Cultural Association Finland’s EUCREA

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Aine Art Museum

The Aine Art Museum is an active meeting place for fine arts in Tornio. Among other things, the museum offers exhibitions from the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, workshops, and lectures.

På projektet Rum för skapande arbete vi förvekligar konstnärresidensen, konstnärers privatutställningar och grupputställning i samarbete med Aines konstmuseum, Torneå stad och Haparanda stad.

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The Finnish Critics’ Association (SARV in Finnish)

The Finnish Critics’ Association (in Finnish Suomen arvostelijain liitto ry, SARV) is a national, unified and professional association of critics in different arts and artforms in Finland. Its main task is to promote arts critics’ professional activity and expertise. The association improves its members’ economic, social and judicial status. The association was founded in 1950 and today it has approximately 800 members.

The association organizes training, education, grants stipends, monitors the professional assets of the critics who work in press or electronic media and transmits topical information on conditions and contents of arts critics work.

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The Association of Finnish Foundations

The Association of Finnish Foundations is an association for Finnish grant providers, the only benefit and support organisation for foundations in Finland. The association’s over 200 members support Finnish art, research and societal development annually with over half a billion euros.

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The Degree Programme in Theatre Arts (NÄTY)

The Degree Programme in Theatre Arts (NÄTY) is a degree programme concerned with actor training and the study of acting offered by the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Tampere. NÄTY’s training combines artistic, professional and social points of view.

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