Summer concert: Mikko Herranen and Herrasmiehet on Sat 17th at 5 pm on Musiikkitalo’s terrace

Mikko Herranen in a side profile. Long, blond hair, sun glasses, beard and a determined pose. Text: Tilaa taiteilijuuteen -hanke: Mikko Herranen and Herrasmiehet, Saturday 17th June at 5 pm, Musiikkitalo's terrace.

The performers for the summer concerts organized by the project Making space for artistry – equity for disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users and Musiikkitalo have been selected! Tuomas Ruokonen Quartet will play a concert on the terrace of the Musiikkitalo on Friday, June 9th at 5 pm and Mikko Herranen & Herrasmiehet on Saturday, June 17th at 5 pm. Admission to the concerts is free. Musiikkitalo is accessible. In case of bad weather, the summer concerts will be moved indoors to Musiikkitalo’s restaurant. Warm welcome!

Mikko Herranen and Herrasmiehet

Saturday June 17th at 5 pm

Mikko Herranen is a musician, music producer and artist with a long career. Herranen lives music to the fullest, it is work, a hobby and a lifestyle.

Some may remember Mikko from early 2000s metal bands Velcra, Rust, Mauren Maiden. Others, perhaps, as the fully hurling interpreter in the first season of Voice Of Finland. Herranen is an entertainer who breaks music genre boundaries at thousands of parties, a singing drummer in a thrash-metal band, an interpreter of tender emotions, a music producer and an alternative artist who takes a stand with a serious mind. He is versatile. Herranen was born blind and is an excellent example of how music removes barriers of difference between people, and how hard work can make dreams come true from any starting point.

In the concert, you will hear both new and old songs from Herranen. This is a special year for Herranen, because he will release two albums of solo material in the same year: during the spring, the album ”Shadows” and in the fall, the album “The massive climax of unconventionality and reason”. Come and experience what rock music is when real people do it with strong emotion and heart.

In this concert, we celebrate the release of the album ”Shadows” and rock so the bass shakes our sternums, just like when rock music was still new and mysterious. Don’t miss it!

Please note, that the gig will be loud. We recommend protecting your hearing and there will be some ear plugs available. It may also be best to leave service dogs at home or listen to the gig from distance with them.


Mikko Herranen, vocals and bass

Band, drums, guitar and keyboards

The concert is supported by Culture for All’s project Making space for artistry, which is funded by the Kone Foundation. Mikko Herranen and Herrasmiehet were selected to perform the concert by invitation.

More information about Musiikkitalo’s accessibility on Musiikkitalo’s website.

Summer concert: Mikko Herranen and Herrasmiehet on Sat 17th at 5 pm on Musiikkitalo’s terrace
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