Colours carry, colours transport, with colours

Sofia paints on a big canvas.

Haparanda Library 20.10.–6.11.2022. 

Sofia Karinen chooses the themes for her paintings from her everyday environment and the surrounding nature. She photographs interesting objects with her smartphone and composes pictures on canvas with colourful oil paint. Usually she does not sketch, but starts painting right away. According to Karinen, mixing fitting hues is a challenging and interesting part of the painting process.

The even hypnotic feeling of space in landscape and interior works is created by the variation of small and large areas of colour. The paintings of this exhibition include views from Tornio and Oulu regions as well as France.

Sofia Karinen is a 22-year-old Finnish-French visual artist. Drawing and painting have been important for Karinen since her childhood. She started art studies already at a young age in Oulu. Karinen has continued her art studies for two years in Liminka Art School, focusing on for example oil painting and graphics.

The artworks of Karinen have been presented before at the spring exhibitions of Liminka Art School and she has received scholarship by Oulun Saskiat Association in 2021. The exhibition of Haparanda Library is Karinen’s first solo exhibition.


The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday 20th October at 14 (Finland’s time). There will be live music at the opening. Warm welcome!

Haparanda Library

Free entry to the exhibition. The space is accessible, there is a lift to the exhibition space.
Address: Packhusgatan 4, 953 31 Haparanda.

The exhibition is open (Finnish time):

Monday 13–20

Tuesday 13–20

Wednesday 13–20

Thursday 11–17

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Saturday 11–15

The exhibition is open (Swedish time):

Monday 12–19

Tuesday 12–19

Wednesday 12–19

Thursday 10–16

Friday 10–16

Saturday 10–14.

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