Welcome to the peer groups of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users in the fall of 2023!

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Would you like to receive regular support for your artistic work from other artists? Do you want to share your own work in a small, cosy group and encourage other group members to move forward in their work? Now it’s possible!

The peer groups of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users will start in the fall of 2023. Here in the project Making space for artistry we help you to find the group that suits best for you and give your group a great start. Read more and come along!

Who are peer groups for?

The groups are aimed at you if you are a disabled person or Sign Language user and you do or want to do art or entertainment professionally. Professionalism here means that you spend more time and energy on making or studying art/entertainment than as a hobby. You can do any kind of art.

What kind of groups are these?

In your group there are artists from your own artistic field or also from other artistic fields depending on your own wish. One group includes four participants.

You meet regularly, and at the meeting everyone takes turns talking about their artistic work in progress. Others can give encouraging feedback, come up with ideas for next steps and offer new perspectives.

We support you to start the group and give you a structure to make the meetings successful. After that, you will meet independently and together you will ensure the success of the meetings.

When and how often will the groups meet?

We’ll hold a kick-off meeting at the beginning of September, and after that the groups will meet along the autumn every two weeks, a total of six times. So the group meetings will be held from September till the beginning of December. One group meeting lasts 1.5-2 hours.

You can agree with the group on a convenient time for the gatherings.

Where do the groups meet?

The groups can meet online and use whatever platform is the best for the participants. If the participants live close to each other, you can also meet in a place of your choice.

What is needed from you?

For the groups to be successful, we hope that

  • You put energy on your artistic work
  • You commit to being present at group meetings
  • You are ready to share even your unfinished work with group members
  • You are ready to encourage other group members and share your ideas about their work

What does this cost?

Nothing! These peer groups are offered to you by the project Making space for artistry, funded by the Kone Foundation.

How can I sign up?

Sign up with this Google form.

We will find a suitable group for you based on your answers, so fill out the form carefully. We fill the groups in order of sign-ups. The first 20 can join, for whom we find a suitable group. Sign up at the latest by Wednesday 23rd of August!

If filling out the sign up form is not easy, contact the project coordinator Riikka Hänninen, and you will receive the questions of the form in your e-mail or you can tell us the answers by phone.

Ask for more information or help with sign-up here:

Project coordinator Riikka Hänninen

E-mail: riikka@tilaataiteilijuuteen.fi

tel. 050-3080 232

More information about the project Making space for artistry

The peer groups are offered by the project Making space for artistry. It is funded by Kone Foundation. The aim of the project is to increase professional opportunities and equity of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users. The project goes on from 2022 to February 2024. It is coordinated by Culture for All Service and the Cultural Association Finland’s EUCREA.

Welcome to the peer groups of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users in the fall of 2023!

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